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Jayson Baron - Easton, PA


(Jayson's son Michael with his new DCX MAX system)


"After extensive research and testing of all general aviation flight simulator manufacturers, I found - bar none - Precision Flight Controls to be the absolute best in the business.  My Precision Flight Controls' DCX MAX is without question the closest GA simulator ever built that compares in terms of fidelity and realism to a multi-million dollar FAA Level D simulator used for airline and business jet pilot training.

The entire Precision Flight Control team of truly dedicated professionals made my experience seamless and thoroughly enjoyable.  Each phase of the process from the sales, production, preparation for delivery, installation and technical support has been nothing less then outstanding. 

Even CEO Mike Altman took a very active hands-on role in the production of my flight simulator.  Mike was very accommodating by creating and redesigning new flight deck hardware and software upgrades specific to my needs. This was very important to me as a thirty-year major airline captain. I have very high standards, and I wanted a flight simulator that attained my high level of expectations. Precision Flight Controls delivered one hundred percent.

For me, one of the most impressive aspects of Precision Flight Controls is that they are never satisfied.  This company is always pushing the leading edge of the technological envelope.  I know I will be able to upgrade my simulator as new components are designed and developed.  I truly hope my new business is a success so I can purchase many more simulators from Precision Flight Controls in the years ahead."

Jayson Baron
Owner Lehigh Valley Flight & Racing Simulations
United Airlines B757/767 Captain
October 29, 2014



DCT Aviation


Ilya Khakham, owner of the aptly named Dreams Come True (DCT) Aviation in Detroit, Michigan is the proud owner of a new fully-optioned DCX MAX system.  He has owned and used PFC products for many years, initially purchasing one desktop BATD system in 2007.  "For the mission this equipment is designed for, it is the best on the market.  After a short period of time, we bought ten more systems, seven for training and three to serve as backups.  In seven years we have had no major issues. The backup sets are still sitting new on the shelf."

DCT Aviation then decided to expand their training options with the purchase of an FAA-approved full-motion AATD cockpit system.

"We did a market study for a year, visiting four major manufacturer's factories.  We took into account quality, flexibility, value, efficient utilzation of space and customer service.  PFC has been cooperative and responsive to all of our needs during the purchase, delivery and subsequent service.  The DCX MAX is a clear winner."


Ilya Khakham
DCT Aviation
October 10, 2014



Aerial Sim Training - El Monte, CA


Jeff Strouse and Dr. Robert Longo operate a simulator based training center in El Monte, CA.  The centerpiece of their operation is a new DCX MAX AATD system with dual controls and ProMotion Motion Cueing System.

"We provide insurance approved single engine and multi-engine simulator training and our DCX MAX ProMotion system gives us the flexibility we need to meet our client's training requirements."  Aerial Sim Training teaches a number of courses including recurrent training (insurance approved) for Cessna 200/300/400 series aircraft, single pilot or crew resource management, initial instrument training, instrument proficiency checks, transistion training (single/complex/high performance), multi-engine refresher, and unusual attitude recovery training.  They also have pinch hitter and fear of flying courses.  "We have clients that are professional pilots, both airline and corporate, and one world-class aerobatic pilot, and they all agree that our DCX MAX AATD rivals the simulators that they have used at the corporate and airline levels."


Jeff Strouse and Dr. Robert Longo
Aerial Sim Training
June 12, 2014



SimCheck International - Sacramento, CA



SimCheck International has used PFC Simulators for their advanced simulator-based flight training for over 4 years.  These simulators have amazing capability and provide an outstanding platform for their pilot clients who consist primarily of professional pilots and flight crews. 

"The PFC Modular Flight Deck Turboprop B-200 has been the core simulator for our training.  We use highly advanced scenarios that require a simulator with advanced navigation capabilities, superior fidelity and visuals, and outstanding reliability.  The PFC Sim’s have continued to improve over the years and we have been able to develop and teach the most demanding and realistic scenarios using these Simulators" offers SimCheck International's Director of Training, Juan Mendez.  A recent client, a retired B-767 Captain who completed the initial course for the King Air C90, remarked after a session, “I feel like I just got out of the sim at American”.


Juan Mendez and Mark Kutch
SimCheck International
January 20, 2014



Ed Kennedy - Cleveland, TN



Ed Kennedy recently took delivery of a DCX MAX ProMotion AATD flight training system for his home-based training center.

"The DCX MAX with ProMotion motion base is an ideal platform to maximize training experience toward any pilot certificate or rating being sought.  The system is a fantastic and efficient way to maintain currency and proficiency after the rating is earned.  The wide variety of aircraft models available to train with and the accuracy of aircraft performance make this AATD very cost effective and second to none in value.  The simulator is very cost effective for flight schools and active freelance instructors alike.  The entire staff at Precision Flight Controls is great to work with before, during, and after the sale"


Ed Kennedy
Cleveland, TN
January 8, 2014



Medallion Foundation - Alaska



The Medallion Foundation maintains a fleet of Precision Flight Controls' simulators at ten locations throughout the state of Alaska.  The simulators are made available to operators under the direction of the Medallion Foundation Star and Shield program.  These systems are mainly used by members of the Alaska Air Carriers Association (AACA) for accident prevention training (CFIT), by CFI's for flight training, and by private and commercial pilots for instrument proficiency and currency.  

According to Medallion's Simulator Manager, Glen Morthorpe, "Precision Flight Controls' simulators were chosen because of their exceptional affordability and reliablity.  I have worked with many advanced simulators at the airlines and consider PFC's simulators to have fidelity that is nearly as good".


Glen Morthorpe
Medallion Foundation
"Changing the Culture of Aviation Safety"
January 6, 2014



Orizon Aviation Québec - Québec City, Canada



Orizon Aviation Québec is the proud owner of a new Precision Flight Controls' DCX MAX cockpit flight training system.  The DCX MAX has been optioned with the new Panoramax (5 X 40") Visual System.  This system is the first of its kind in Canada and was recently approved by Transport Canada as a Level 2 Flight Training Device (FTD).  The system also met the additional requirements for certification for instrument renewals on four different aircraft models, the Piper Seneca V, the Cessna 172, the Pilatus PC12, and the Beechraft King Air B200.

"The DCX MAX will be used for basic and advanced flight training (high altitude transition, GPS-RNAV, emergency procedures, introduction to turbine engines, air interview preparation, etc...)  In addition, it is the first simulator to be approved in Québec City.  We want to offer an IFR renewal service for all of eastern Québec province, including the beautiful city of Québec.  With approval of the PC-12 and B200 turboprop, we are the only flight school to offer advanced training on complex aircraft", offered Roger Samson, Operations Manager for the school.  "The DCX MAX is very easy to use and the Precision Flight Controls' team is very competent.  We certainly intend to cultivate our business relationship with this company and invest more in the near future.  We are very proud and happy to contribute to the success of our pilots.  Thanks to the DCX MAX, we have raised the bar!"


Eric Boucher and Roger Samson
Orizon Aviation Québec
December 11, 2013