The GTX is a highly accurate G1000 open cockpit Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD). The system sports features unavailable on most other G1000 simulators such as Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT), TAWS-B (Terrain), TCAS (Traffic), FlightCharts and SafeTaxi. High fidelity G1000 flight training has never been available in such an affordable package.


Although our 49” 4k curved screen monitor is more than adequate we will be soon offering a three 55” UHD monitor solution for those who want a larger field of view. We also have the capability (within the software) to rotate the pilots viewpoint up to 360 degrees with a switch located on the yoke.

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Standard Features
Optional Features

Standard Aircraft (Included)
Cessna Nav III

  • Cessna 172R
  • Cessna 172S
  • Cessna 182T
  • Cessna T182T
  • Cessna 206H
  • Cessna T206H

Optional Aircraft (Single Engine)

  • Beechcraft G36 Bonanza
  • Piper Archer
  • Piper Matrix
  • Piper Mirage
  • Cessna Corvalis 350
  • Cessna Corvalis 400TT

Optional Aircraft (Multi-Engine)

  • Beechcraft Baron G58
  • Piper Seminole
  • Piper Seneca

Optional Aircraft (Turboprop)

  • Cessna Caravan 208B
  • Quest Kodiak 100
  • King Air B200
  • All-Metal Construction
  • Cirrus II Flight Console w/ 2-Axis Control Loading
  • Cirrus Rudder Pedals
  • PFC 1000 PFD/MFD Panels/Standby Gauges
  • PFC1347 Audio Panel
  • Metal Floor Assembly w/ Industrial Casters
  • FlightCrew Seat – Pilot (w/ Adjustable Base and Tracks)
  • Curved 4K Monitor (Visuals)
  • 4K Monitor (IOS)
  • Instructor’s Operating Station (IOS) Desk
  • Computer System Extreme w/ Solid State Drive w/ Backup SSD (Master)
  • Computer System Extreme w/ Solid State Drive w/ Backup SSD (Visuals)
  • 4 Way Intercom
  • X-Plane Professional Software
  • FlyGX1000 Professional Software License (comes with one SE flight model)
  • Multi-Engine Upgrade
  • Turboprop Upgrade (per airframe – requires ME upgrade – throttle quadrant sold separately)
  • ProMotion 3DOF Motion Cueing System
  • UHD 3-Screen Visual Monitor Upgrade
  • GPS EFB Connectivity Kit
  • G1000 NXi Upgrade
  • Wireless Tablet Instructor’s Interface
  • Interchangeable Throttle Quadrants (20 to Choose From)
  • PilotEdge Live ATC Starter Kit
  • ForeFlight Connectivity Kit
  • Spare Parts Kit
  • Additional Flight Models

System Dimensions: Width 36” Length 60”