Fixed wing and rotary wing simulators

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Precision Flight Controls offers the most versatile reconfigurable FAA Approved flight training devices in the industry.
State-of-the-Art rotary wing aviation training devices that don’t break the bank

Fixed wing and rotary wing

It all began when we were involved in the AGATE project (Advanced General Aviation Training Experiment) by NASA in the ’90s. We were hired to design and build general aviation components for the next general aviation cockpits.

We were one of the first companies to produce desktop training devices for fixed-wing pilot proficiency and one of the first to receive FAA approval. Since then, we have designed some of the most popular desktop and full-size cockpits for Basic and Advanced flight training.

Our fixed wing simulators support SEL, MEL, Turboprop and Jet aircraft along with today’s enhanced electronics and navigation systems.

Today our simulators, both generic and type-specific meet or exceed FTD and FNPT qualification standards.

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