FAA Approved AATD Flight Simulators

It’s the Spirit of Innovation that has made Precision Flight Controls a global leader in flight simulation; providing cutting edge affordable Flight Training Devices. At Precision Flight Controls, we are always looking to the trailblazers that came before while keeping an eye on the horizon of what is to come.

Why Pilots Love PFC Simulators

  • High-quality controls
  • Simulate countless training scenarios
  • High frame rate video for smooth simulation
  • Precision hardware and software integration
  • Beautiful finish on interior and exterior components
  • FAA approved training simulation
  • Complete "Tip to Tail" warranty
  • Remote access support for quick technical assistance
  • Higher level of fidelity, built to Flight Training Device Standards
  • High performance computers with quick swap redundancy built-in
For over 30 years, Precision Flight Controls (PFC) has been engineering and manufacturing custom flight simulators for General and Commercial and Military Aviation, providing precision quality, affordability, and FAA approved AATD simulators.
Inside cockpit of flight simulator

Unlimited Options and Customizations

Interior of flight simulator
Thanks to our many options here at PFC we can customize our diverse core products to replicate just about any aircraft in your fleet. We’ve got you covered from Single-Engine, Multi-Engine Turboprop, Commercial and Private Jets and Helicopters.

Companies That Trust PFC Products

Our Flight Training Systems

Fixed Wing Simulators

Precision Flight Controls offers the most versatile reconfigurable FAA Approved flight training devices in the industry.

Rotary Wing

State-of-the-Art rotary wing aviation training devices
that don’t break the bank

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