Cirrus II Flight Console

From $3,995.00

The Cirrus II Flight Console is one of the best all-around flight consoles found on the market today for flight training or entertainment. It is the perfect blend of innovative technology and engineering. You can use it by itself, or add rudder pedals and avionics for more realism. Unlike competitive products, pitch and roll inputs utilize state-of-the-art hall effect sensors for lifetime fidelity. This results in extreme resolution for exceptional response and improved flight control fluidity. Available configured with your choice of Beech or Mooney style yoke. Saab or Boeing style yokes or Cessna yokes are available as an upgrade.

Cirrus II Features List

Standard Features
Dimensions & Weight
  • Aluminum Chasis with Powder Coat Finish
  • Choice of Beechcraft of Mooney Yoke
  • Yoke Mounted, Push to Talk/A/P Disconnect, Elevator Trim, CWS/Pitch Sync
  • SEL and MEL Throttle Quadrants (Interchangeable)
  • Battery Master Switch
  • Alternator Switches (Left and Right)
  • Avionics Master
  • Magneto Switches (Just like Real Aircraft)
  • Parking Brake Switch
  • Nav Light Switch
  • Strobe Light Switch
  • Landing Light Switch
  • Taxi Light Switch
  • Pitot Heat Switch
  • Anti-Ice Switch
  • Aileron Trim
  • Rudder Trim
  • Fuel Boost Pump Switches
  • Fuel Tank Selector Switch
  • Cowl Flap Switches
  • Carb Heat Controls
  • Alternate Air Source Switch
  • Landing Gear Switch
  • Flaps Switch (with Guard)
  • Hobbs Meter
  • Hall Effect Sensors
  • Robust Mechanicals
  • Smooth Feel and Response
  • USB
  • X-Plane V9.70
  • Co-Pilot Control Configurations Not Supported

USB (PC Only)

  • Single Engine Throttle-Prop-Mixture Throttle Quadrant
  • Multi-Engine Throttle-Prop-Mixture Throttle Quadrant
  • 2-Axis Control Loading


  • Cessna Yoke Upgrade
  • Single Engine Quadrants
  • Multi-Engine Quadrants
  • Vernier Controls
  • Turboprop Quadrants
  • Jet Quadrants

Width 37″ Depth 28″ Height 13″ Weight 60 lbs.