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"No Excuses" Model Specific G1000 Cockpit Simulator with 3-DOF Motion

The GTX MAX flight training system is a model specific technically advanced aircraft cockpit simulator.  Available with Cessna 172, 182 and 206 interchangeable flight models and throttle quadrant panels, the system features fidelity that is unmatched on any competitive glass panel simulation system.  Advanced features such as Synthetic Vision and a fully upgradeable nav database (with a Jeppesen subscription) make the GTX MAX the ultimate digital avionics training system.  3-DOF ProMotion Cueing system adds to the realism without adding to the footprint.  Great things come in small packages.





  • Instructor’s Operating Station (IOS) Desk
  • Leather Co-Pilot's Seat w/ Adjustable Base and Tracks
  • Co-Pilot's Control Package
  • In Cockpit Video System
  • Custom Cockpit Graphics
  • ProMotion II 3- DOF Motion System
  • ProMotion 6-DOF Motion System
  • GTX MAX Spare Parts Kit