Ivy Tech Receives Donated Flight Simulator

Donated Flight Simulator
We at Precision Flight Controls are excited to reveal that our DCX MAX NG simulator is now a part of Ivy Tech Community College Fort Wayne’s Aviation Technology program, thanks to a substantial donation. Our simulator provides a safe, cost-effective way for students to gain vital aviation experience, offering potential savings of up to $200 per hour. Described by Ivy Tech instructor Dan Leonard as a critical tool, it allows users to learn flight techniques in an immersive, risk-free environment and ‘fly’ virtually anywhere in the country under varied weather conditions. The generous, anonymous donor highlighted the simulator’s role in helping students practice and gain confidence while preserving resources. Delivered in pieces to Ivy Tech, the simulator was assembled and calibrated by the faculty during the winter break and is now an integral part of their teaching resources. We’re proud to be aiding the development of future aviators through our advanced simulator.
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