PFC Sim Using LIVE ATC via PilotEdge

Get a B200 Simulator with Live ATC!

In an engaging demonstration at NBAA 2023 in Las Vegas, Keith Smith, the visionary founder of Pilot Edge, showcased the innovative integration of live air traffic control within the Precision Flight Controls King Air B200 simulator. This pioneering approach, facilitated by Pilot Edge’s dedicated employees over the internet, aims to significantly elevate pilot training fidelity by mirroring real-world air traffic control (ATC) communications. Lauded by both a former FAA air traffic controller and a seasoned corporate pilot, this system is recognized for its exceptional capacity to enhance crew resource management skills and foster a more authentic training milieu. By incorporating live ATC interactions, pilots are immersed in a training experience that closely replicates actual flight conditions, thereby ensuring they are more adeptly prepared for the complexities of real-life flying scenarios. The demonstration underscored the critical role of realistic ATC communication in pilot training, highlighting its potential to bolster safety and readiness for emergency situations.

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