Advancements in Flight Training: Mission Aviation Fellowship’s New Simulators

Idaho news talks about the popular Precision Flight Controls flight simulators used by Mission Aviation here:

NAMPA, Idaho – The globally recognized nonprofit, Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), has made a significant stride in pilot training by introducing two cutting-edge flight simulators at their Nampa base. These simulators, sourced from Precision Flight Controls, have recently received FAA certification, marking them as top-tier training equipment.

MAF has a long-standing reputation for connecting remote communities worldwide with essential services and goods, all while spreading Christian values. Their pilots are known for their dedication and professionalism, and these new simulators are set to further enhance their skills.

Dan Whitehead, MAF’s Vice President of Aviation, emphasized the organization’s commitment to safety. “Our primary objective is to ensure that our operations are as safe as possible. If we can’t operate safely, we aren’t truly assisting those we aim to help. These simulators are a testament to our dedication to professionalism and safety,” Whitehead remarked.

One of the standout features of these simulators is their 3-axis motion capability. This allows MAF to conduct in-house turbine training, reducing both costs and reliance on external entities. The financial benefits are evident, with an estimated savings of around $12,000 per pilot when training on these simulators at the Nampa facility.

Whitehead further added, “Safety is paramount for us. These simulators are instrumental in helping us achieve our safety goals.” MAF is set to commence training sessions using these simulators during their upcoming instructor pilot seminar later this month.

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