MFD King Air B200


The new MFD King Air™ is now available! The MFD King Air™ has all-metal construction, dual linked controls, a 225 degree integrated immersive visual system, 3-axis dynamic control loading (pitch/roll/yaw), annunciator panel, panel backlighting, functional circuit breaker panel, overhead panel, four-way intercom, King Air throttle quadrant console, and a host of other new features. The King Air MFD is available in the B200 or the C90 flight model. The panel is dominated by a 3-screen (PFD/MFD/PFD) G1000 system with Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT), terrain (TAWS-B), traffic (TCAS), FlightCharts, and SafeTaxi. Combine the system with any of our available motion bases and experience the most capable AATD on the market today.

Available in Analog and G1000

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Standard Features

  • All-Metal Construction
  • King Air Throttle Quadrant and Yoke
  • Dual 3-Axis Dynamic Control Loading (Pitch/Roll/Yaw)
  • Standby Instruments
  • Aircraft Specific Panel Switches
  • Active Circuit Breaker Panel
  • PFC 1000 Professional Software License
  • X-Plane Professional Software
  • PFC 1000 NXi Software
  • Monitors (Visual)
  • Monitor (IOS)
  • PC Rack System w/ integrated IOS Station
  • FlightCrew Seats – Pilot and Copilot (w/ Adjustable Base and Tracks)
  • Interior Cockpit Upholstery
  • Integrated Cockpit Air Flow System
  • Exterior Cockpit Graphics
  • In-Cockpit Video System
  • PilotEdge Compatible (4-way Intercom Included)
  • EFB Compatible

Optional Features

  • ProMotion II 3-DOF Motion Cueing System
  • ProMotion II 3-DOF Cueing System (220V)
  • MaxMotion 6DOF Full Motion System
  • Cockpit Air Conditioning System
  • Customer Logo Decal on Cockpit Exterior
  • Spare Parts Kit
  • EFB Mounting Kit
  • Instructor’s Interface Console (IIC)
  • Enhanced IOS Desk



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