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“Finally! An Accurate G1000 simulator” – Max Trescott

“Flight simulators can improve flying skills, especially if they closely approximate a real airplane. But many don’t, so when I teach clients in those devices I frequently say “In the real airplane it works differently from this.”  But finally there’s a device that so closely mirrors the real Garmin G1000 that I don’t need to

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Simulators: A Revolutionary Teaching Tool

Nicola Davies, Ph.D. The DCX MAX simulator from Precision Flight Controls now can use GoPro cameras in the cockpit to record pilot reactions. Simulators are useful tools for training and honing skills in any profession, from air traffic control to medicine. Technology is constantly improving and simulations can be remarkably realistic, while avoiding potentially fatal

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CRX ProMotion AATD

Motion-based flight simulation on a tight budget! The new CRX ProMotion AATD System. The least expensive motion simulator in production! This state-of-the-art system blends a 3-DOF motion base with our most popular simulator, the CRX. Now, affordable motion-based sims are truly within anyone’s reach. With more standard features, controls and aircraft than any competitive product,

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