GTX MAX Cessna

The GTX MAX Cessna Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) is a model-specific technically advanced aircraft cockpit simulator. Available in Cessna Nav III 172, 182, and 206 flight configurations, the system features fidelity that is unmatched on any competitive glass panel simulation system. Advanced features such as Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT), TAWS-B (Terrain), TCAS (Traffic), FlightCharts, and SafeTaxi with a fully updateable navigational database make the GTX MAX the ultimate digital avionics training system.

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Aircraft Fleet
Standard Features
Optional Features

Standard Aircraft (Included)
Cessna Nav III

  • Cessna 172R
  • Cessna 172S
  • Cessna 182T
  • Cessna T182T
  • Cessna 206H
  • Cessna T206H
  • All-Metal Construction
  • Single Engine Throttle/Prop/Mixture Vernier Controls (Cessna)
  • Single Engine/Multi-engine Throttle/Prop/Mixture (Beechcraft)
  • Control Loading Rudder Pedals
  • X-Plane Professional Software
  • Instructor’s Operating Station (IOS)
  • Active Circuit Breaker Panel
  • Integrated Cockpit Air Flow System
  • Leather Pilot’s Seat w/ Adjustable Base and Tracks
  • Single Engine Throttle/Mixture Vernier Controls
  • Single Engine Throttle/Prop/Mixture Vernier Controls
  • 30″ Widescreen LCD Display (Instructor’s Operating Station)
  • (5) 40″ Widescreen LCD Displays (225 Degree Panoramic Visuals)
  • Computer Rack System w/ Built-in IOS Desk
  • Computer System Extreme w/ Solid State Drive (Master)
  • Back-up System Solid State Hard Drive
  • (2) Computer System Max w/ Solid State Drive (Visuals)
  • Pilot Yoke w/ Dual-Axis Dynamic Control Loading (Pitch/Roll)
  • Custom Interior Cockpit Upholstery
  • Exterior Cockpit Graphics Package
  • 4-Way Intercom
  • Leather Co-Pilot’s/Instructor’s Seat w/ Adjustable Base and Tracks
  • Co-Pilot Controls w/ Dynamic Control Loading (Pitch/Roll)
  • Cessna OEM Yoke(s)
  • Custom Cockpit Graphics
  • ProMotion II 3-DOF Motion Cueing System
  • MaxMotion 6-DOF Full Motion System
  • In-Cockpit Video Camera System
  • Dual© GPS Connectivity Kit
  • PilotEdge© Live ATC
  • Wireless Tablet Instructor’s Interface
  • Spare Parts Kit

System Dimensions: Width 95” Length 80” Height 70” Weight 600 lbs.