GTX Diamond

Precision Flight Controls announces the new GTX Diamond AATD system. With advanced features such as Synthetic Vision and a fully updateable navigational database (with Jeppesen subscription), no other technically advanced aircraft training system can compete with the GTX’s features and fidelity. The GTX Diamond adds quality glass panel technology to your flight training curriculum at an affordable price. The GTX Diamond AATD system brings the fidelity of our popular GTX system to Diamond specific training.


Although our 49” 4k curved screen monitor is more than adequate we will soon be offering a three 55” UHD monitor solution for those who want a larger field of view. We also have the capability (within the software) to rotate the pilots viewpoint up to 360 degrees with a switch located on the yoke.

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Standard Features

  • All-Metal Construction
  • DA40 Flight Model
  • Cirrus II Flight Console
  • Cirrus Rudder Pedals (Adjustable Position)
  • PFC 1000 PFD/MFD Panels/Standby Gauges
  • PFC 1347 Audio Panel
  • Elevator Trim Module
  • Metal Floor Assembly w/Industrial Casters
  • FlightCrew Pilot’s Seat w/Integrated Control-Loaded Diamond Flight Stick
  • Curved Monitor (Visuals)
  • Monitor (IOS)
  • Instructor’s Operating Station (IOS)
  • Computer System w/ Solid State Drive and Backup SSD (Master)
  • Computer System w/ Solid State Drive and Backup SSD (Visuals)
  • X-Plane Professional Software
  • PFC 1000 Professional Software License (DA40)
  • EFB Compatible

Optional Features

  • DA42 Multi-Engine Upgrade
  • ProMotion 3-DOF Motion Cueing System
  • ProMotion 3-DOF Motion Cueing System (220V)
  • UHD 3-Screen Visual Monitor Upgrade
  • Spare Parts Kit
  • Additional Throttle Quadrants (6 to choose from)
  • PilotEdge Live ATC Starter Kit (4-way Intercom Included)
  • Instructor’s Interface Console (IIC)
  • EFB Mounting Kit


System Dimensions: Width 78” Length 84” Height 74″ Weight 1085 lbs.


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