Ryan Aerospace and PFC are pleased to launch the HELIMOD Mark III, an innovative and affordable new type of helicopter simulator targeted at teaching pilots the art of vertical reference and managing external sling loads. A demonstrator recently used at Heli-Expo in Las Vegas was very well-received by long line pilots – many citing that they wished there was such a product when they were learning how to long line.

The Virtual Reality (VR) head-mounted display puts you directly in the pilot’s seat of virtually any aircraft* (left OR right seat). There is a full sense of immersion brought about by the 3D, stereoscopic nature of the VR goggles. The pilot has the ability to “look around” the aircraft and more importantly, can lean out the side and look directly underneath the helicopter (such as looking down at your slung load). This is perfect for teaching the basics of vertical reference.

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See this on Ryan Aerospace’s website.

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System Dimensions: Width 28” Length 51” Height 55″ Weight 220 lbs.


  • Full immersion in the cockpit with the ability to look around (including directly down for vertical reference / long lining operations)
  • Modular and reconfigurable (aircraft-specific modules and controls can easily be added/interchanged) including main instrument panels, avionics suites, GPS etc.
  • USB “Plug and Play”. Can be used with a variety of software platforms dependent on the training requirement
  • Cyclic has force trim function
  • Pedals have a high-quality hydraulic dampening
  • Collective has high-quality hydraulic dampening and friction control
  • Robust and deployable. The mainframe has durable Rhino Coating with recessed, rugged handles for easy movement. Internal parts over-engineered to withstand the harshest of operating environments
  • Retractable wheel system for easy movement available as an option
  • Small footprint. Can fit in a small office, trailer or shipping container and is entirely portable
  • Package deals with PC, configured software and virtual reality headset available
  • Motion platform available
  • Adjustable seat
  • Can also be used with LCD screens or projectors for the out-the-window visuals instead of / as well as the virtual reality headset
  • Scalable
  • Cost-effective / affordable
  • Excellent backup and support
  • Shipping worldwide