March 1, 2023

HAI Heli-Expo 2023

HAI Expo 2023 – Come Fly The Helimod Simulator

Join the global helicopter industry for a celebration of vertical aviation at HAI HELI-EXPO 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia. Discover countless opportunities to connect, learn, and network with over 14,000 industry professionals. Don’t forget to visit Precision Flight Controls at HAI’s Rotor Safety Zone booth for an exclusive experience! Tuesday March 7th – Thursday March 9th

Precision Flight Controls Installs FAA-Certified Simulators for Mission Aviation Fellowship

Precision Flight Controls has recently installed two new FAA-certified state-of-the-art flight simulators at the Nampa headquarters of global nonprofit Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF). With 3-axis motion capability, the simulators allow MAF to conduct turbine training in-house, resulting in significant cost savings per pilot. The simulators will be used for training at MAF’s annual instructor pilot seminar later this month, contributing to MAF’s mission of conducting safe and professional flights while connecting isolated people with vital services and goods.

56 Seconds

56 Seconds to Live: VR Training Improves Helicopter Safety

Are you aware that 56 seconds is the median time before a fatal helicopter accident occurs when pilots lose visual references unexpectedly? This statistic is alarming, and it highlights the importance of proper training to avoid accidents. A recent study was conducted to examine how different factors of pilot proficiency affect pilots’ ability to respond to degraded visual conditions during flights. The study found that experience can minimize the negative effects associated with a lack of currency and training. Additionally, the study suggests that virtual reality training opportunities could make a significant difference in improving helicopter safety in degraded visual conditions. The study was conducted using Precision Flight Controls’ HeliMod simulator, which provided a fully immersive experience.

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